• I was born in a city called Debrecen back in 1981.
  • In my childhood my parents recognized that I have strong drawing and visual skills. I won several prizes in elementary school, and took part in art lecture courses after school.
  • When I got to secondary school, I choose a school, where they taught foreign languages (english and german) on a higher level. During these 4 years I still practised my addiction of arts.
  • After garduation, I searched for a school where I can learn not only traditional arts, but software based graphic design too. Therefore I decided to go to a smaller town in Hungary, called Eger. This school gave me all that I needed at that time. We learnt drawing, typography, history of arts, painting, graphic design (including bitmap and vector based softwares), 3d animation and video editing.
  • During school I got a part time job at the local Televison Network, called Eger TV, and took my video editor and cameraman skills on a higher level. I learnt a lot about how a TV works in real life.
  • After garduating in school I got bak to Debrecen, and got a job at Felfoldy Ltd. They were producing candies and sweets. They hired me as a packaging, labeling and all part graphic designer. The sweets factory was combined with a big printing facility, so I got very close with the printing techniques, and got some chance to learn more about the machines they are working with. My job also contained a part where I had to develop new products too. I made the sketches for new products, sent it to the managers, and if they found it interesting, I had to create prototypes. If the prototypes and the packagings went through, they finally became real products. I created several disgusting and funny look sweets products. This was the main profile of this company.
  • After Felfoldy I moved on, because I wanted to haev some wider spectrum of my skills. I got to a company called LGM, where I made graphic designs in a different spectrum. (Logo design, decoration, identity design, smaller printshop works)
  • Throughout these years I also did several freelancer works, including webdesigns, banners, flash and HTML websites.
  • After this I got a job at the film and video producing company called Pixel Film, because I wanted to use my video skills. When I got there, the company was really at its beginning, so I can say that I took a massive part in pushing this business towards to become a greater company. We made a lot of music videos. I learnt a lot about directing and cinematography. We got a lot of challanges, which were higher than our actual knowledge. We put a lot work into studying new softwares and techniques, but I can say we did a pretty good work, cause all the jobs went perfectly well, and costumers came back to us time to time.
  • I left my hometown Debrecen, moved to Budapest and established a new company with my friends called Midgard Media Ltd. I put a lot of work into this business, and did a lot of music videos, tv spots, garphic and web designs.
  • After these years I thought, that I need a little break out of this industry. I decided to get back to the origins and do something, that is more related to the traditional arts. So I decided to become a tattoo artist. I always liked this kind of art, but never practised it before. My friends were running a tattoo studio called Ritual Tattoo, and they were glad to have me in thier team. I learnt how to tattoo and became a real tattoo artist.
  • I got married in 2012.
  • Then I wanted to have a studio closer to my home, so I opened my own tattoo shop in the center of the city. This is the Budapest Tattoo.
  • My twin baby girls were born on 2013.02.17.
  • Right now I feel like I’m ready to get back into the media and design industry, and looking for new achievments.



  • Phone: +36305926072
  • E-mail:
  • Skype: rusvairoland