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E-videns full corporate branding
February 25, 2021
Minimalist logos for all my favourite series
April 12, 2021

The vintage VHS shirt series

vhs shirt01 tdk ss

I designed these shirts as an hommage to the retro VHS video casette packaging designs.

It came to my mind one day, that I really liked the old video casette cases, and the designs on them would eventually look good on a full print tshirt. Also these great vintage designs are echoing back some memories from my childhood.

These are the shirt designs that only the 30+ generations will understand. And the ones who can identify them. I had to remove the original logos for obvious reasons. So you can also play a game and guess which shirt belongs to which brand.
Clue: All the 10 design are from different companies.

And of course this is only a fan art collection. I dont intend to make any benefits out of this project, though I removed the original logos from every single one of them.